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Bridgewater Canal in Salford Green Badge - Past Papers

Bridgewater Canal in Salford Green Badge students will be required to take Bridgewater Canal in Salford Green Badge examinations. Below are links to past papers, which have been sat by previous students, unaltered in any way, and readily available to download.

These papers should give you an understanding of the format of written examination you can expect to undertake. Please note that written examination format may change over time: for current written paper format please always check the latest version of the Examinations Handbook. The papers are free of charge and the links provide a direct download in pdf format.

Answers will not be provided. All answers to the questions in the papers are readily sourceable from the internet and many accessible books.

Please click on the title of the paper to download your desirable paper.

Past Paper Title


Bridgewater Canal in Salford GB Written Paper - March 2019 29/03/19