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Language Committee

A.        Policy

  1. Monitor and review policy for assessment of second language proficiency and make recommendations to Qualifications Board
  2. Monitor and review policy regarding assessment of language ability of candidates who claim to be bilingual
  3. Maintain and update relevant sections of Examinations Handbook
  4. Consider requests for Language APL/exemptions from assessment and make recommendations to Qualifications Board
  5. Inform training providers and programme directors of Institute language examination policy

B.  Examinations

  1. With the Operations Manager, ensure the criteria for language examinations set by Qualifications Board are met
  2. Provide language examinations as necessary and as required by the Board of Directors and in liaison with the Operations Manager
  3. Provide language examination services and certified language ratings for members of the Wales Official Tourist Guides Association.
  4. Make recommendations to Qualifications Board on the award of language qualifications
  5. Consider equivalences in assessment by other awarding bodies and make recommendations to Qualifications Board
  6. Ensure the Institute maintains an up-to-date database of language qualifications
  7. Notify the Operations Manager of any changes to be made to the Language Examinations section of the Institute website